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Mal-functioning of your vehicle’s brake and clutch system can compromise your safety.

If you observe gear slippage or noise, you need to repair your vehicle’s clutch system.

If you notice brake pedal pulsation while driving, you need to immediately repair your vehicle’s brake system.

Quality and trust are the hallmarks of Glow Automotive as we use the best quality clutch and brake kits to ensure your safety.

We provide following clutch repair services

  •  Clutch plate relining,

  •  Clutch hydraulic repairs

  •  Flywheel grinding

  •  Clutch rebuilding

  •  Clutch & brake assessment

  •  Clutch & brake repair

  •  Performance Clutch Upgrades

We offer following brake repair services

  •  Brake drum machining

  •  Disc rotor machining

  •  Brake valve repairs

  •  Re-sleeve stainless steel cylinder repairs

  •  Brake shoe relining and cleaning

  •  Brake Upgrades